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Corporate Social Responsibility – Level 1
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This course will train you:
• To understand why corporate social responsibility is important in the public and private sectors
• To examine how organisational behaviour is impacted by CSR
• To develop skills to initiate or improve CSR programmes in their organisations
• To discover the legal duties company directors must observe concerning CSR
• To examine examples of good and bad business behaviour across different industrial sectors
• To explore how business ethics, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance are converging
• To develop the components of a CSR action plan for their own organisations


What is Corporate Social Responsibility and why does it matter?
• The pressure for change
• The Legal Background of CSR
• Company directors’ obligations and CSR
• Voluntary measures
• Is CSR “Just Public Relations”?
• CSR and corporate governance links

Best practice in CSR – corporate approaches on the key topics
• Codes of Practice
• Dealing with communities
• CSR and employees
• Managing suppliers responsibly
• Responsible client relations
• Corporate Responsibility and the environment

The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility
• The Strategic Imperatives involved in CSR
• What is a business case?
• USING tools to build the business case
• Identifying and Managing CSR risks
• The public procurement challenges from CSR
• Getting and maintaining corporate support and approval

Changing the Organisation to include CSR
• Developing the CSR corporate vision
• Setting our CSR strategic SMART objectives
• Identifying and Managing affected stakeholders
• How leaders make CSR happen
• The key steps to make the CSR change effective

Developing and implementing the CSR plan
• What should be in the CSR plan?
• Communicating the plan
• Piloting the plan
• Overcoming objections
• Measuring impact and results
• Auditing and reviewing CSR performance
• Reporting on CSR

Dates Avaliable

4th - 8th




Executives involved in strategic and operational functions; Senior managers; Corporate lawyers Stakeholder managers; Managers involved in developing, implementing and monitoring change programmes

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  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2712
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: Corporate Social Responsibility – Level 1
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Cost: £2412 (Ex VAT)
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