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Practitioner Certificate in Information Assurance Architecture (PCiIAA) + EXAM
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InfoSec Skills

InfoSec Skills


The Practitioners Certificate in Information Assurance Architecture (PCiIAA) course prepares the student for a career in security architecture. A Security Architect (SA) is a senior-level enterprise architect role, either within a dedicated security team or as part of a more general Enterprise Architecture (EA) team. It also provides the opportunity for those already within these roles to enhance or refresh their knowledge and in the process gain a qualification, recognised by industry, which demonstrates the level of knowledge gained.

Why should you attend?
This is the first course of its kind that covers the essential knowledge and skills needed to design, build and implement a secure system.


Course Contents
The course consists of six modules:
Module 1 – The Basics of Security Architecture.
Module 2 – Advanced Security Architecture Concepts.
Module 3 – Information Assurance Methodologies.
Module 4 – Innovation and Business Improvement.
Module 5 – Security Across the Lifecycle.
Module 6 – Preparation for the PCiIAA and/or CRTSA Exam and Mock Exam.

Dates Avaliable


A good appreciation of the technical aspects of ICT. Students who have taken and passed the Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) are best placed to being on the security architecture track, especially if they have at least one year’s experience in an active security management role.

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  • Course Title: Practitioner Certificate in Information Assurance Architecture (PCiIAA) + EXAM
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